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IP Routing: Protocol-Independent Configuration Guide Aug 13, 2019 Policy-Based Routing Using the set ip default next-hop and Aug 10, 2005

Aug 13, 2019

Disable MAC-Based Forwarding – Enable Policy Based Routing Jul 26, 2017 Routing and Multi-WAN — Directing Traffic with Policy Policy routing in pfSense® software refers to the capability of routing traffic by matching it to specific firewall rules. This is primary used for multi-WAN, though it has other uses as well. Each firewall rule allows for the selection of a gateway. If none is selected, traffic goes out the default gateway or follows the routing table.

This is the reason to use a Policy Based Routing, which will push the traffic on wan2 in order to benefit from the VIP translational in the other direction. 3 - All other traffic, from either the DMZ or the LAN must be routed via wan1/ISP1 normal routing process.

Policy Based Routing or PBR is a feature for network administrator to manipulate packet routing and forwarding to follow a defined policy set. In short, if packets arrived on a router matches a characteristic defined in the policy, then it will be given custom actions and ignoring the routing and forwarding logic.Such actions to be implemented are routing to a different next-hop address Policy-Based Routing (PBR) on Gaia OS