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[SOLVED] Double NAT Subnetting question - Networking Oct 12, 2019 Azure VPN Gateway: configuration settings | Microsoft Docs While you can create a gateway subnet as small as /29, we recommend that you create a gateway subnet of /27 or larger (/27, /26 etc.) if you have the available address space to do so. This will accommodate most configurations. The following Resource Manager PowerShell example shows a gateway subnet named GatewaySubnet.

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as you can see we get the solution given by @Datagram.Network, but if choose instead to divide the first subnet and keep the second we can also have. For more information you may find this answer to How do you calculate the prefix,

The first IP address in a subnet is used to define the subnet that an IP address is in. For example, the IP address that is /24 is said to be in the subnet = /24. That subnet definition cannot be assigned to a host machine. The last IP address in a subnet is used as a broadcast address

This subnet calculator can help you with the following tasks: Identify subnet parameters for a given IP address and subnet mask (or CIDR prefix). Display subnet parameters for a number of consecutive subnets of the specified length. Enter IP address value either in dot-decimal notation (e.g., or in CIDR notation (e.g.,